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Truly Rural, 2019
Video installation and performance

Video Installation
Full Running Time - 18mins loop
Viewing copy on request

Video Stills

Installation views

With Alexandra Tveit, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Stefan Govaart, Tristan Al-Hinnawi and Çigdem Polat.
Mix by Daniel Iinatti.

Video documentation on request

Video. Documenting the southern German tradition of Fasching (carnival) and rekindling memories of the outbreak of mad cow disease, Ryan creates a doll that acts as a mouthpiece. This doll plays a perverse game with innocence and control via porcelain Hummel figurines, bovine dancers, and camouflaged white boys. Infected with a disease that it does not fully understand, the doll seems to secretly long for its own destruction.

Performance. Building on herd behaviour and the movements of sick cows’ bodies, in which five dancers enter into interactions in which the intimate and formal regularly turns into the repulsive. Attention, spectatorship and cultural contagion become a choreographic strategy, exploring the group as a creature in relation to the dynamics of institutional life.

Installation documentation - Gert Jan van Rooij @ Rijksakademie Open Studio’s 2019
Performance Registration - Arvo Leo @ Rijksakademie Open Studio’s 2019