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Doggerel, 2022
Video installation.
4K/UHD for three screens.
Full Running Time - 13mins 57secs loop.
Viewing copy on request
Distributed by li-ma

Commissioned by Busan Biennale 2022
With support from Culture Ireland and the Arts Council Ireland.
Video Stills

Installation Views
Doggerel@ Against the Day. Edith Russ Haus. 2024. Photos: Tobias H

Doggerel@ Busan Biennale 2022
Photos: Sang-tae Kim. Courtesy of Busan Biennale Organizing Comittee

In  ‘Doggerel’, which takes its name from a middle english term used to describe comic, badly written verse,  the conditions in Europe during the first half of the twentieth century, as seen through Oskar’s eyes are linked with the current situation in the early twenty-first century. This being one of contested migration and border enforcement both personal and political. Oskar stands by his own grave, composing irregular rhyming verse and playing his drum, as the edit cuts between images of a Miniature Europe and the conflicts that borders create. Rhythmically paralleling the nationalist tragedies of the past with those of today.

Voiceover - Amina Szecsödy
3D - Pacôme LeRouge
Second Camera - Fan Liao
Drums- Eitan Efrat