Behind Sedentary, 2016
Video installation, performance, painted mik churns, tallow and beeswax sculptures

HD video
Full running time: 7 min 53 secs
Viewing copy on request


Installation views


Throughout the gallery opening hours, three performers make tallow sculptures in slow motion from beef marrow, lard and beeswax, cooked in the space. They wrestle, dance, turn off the lights and press against the walls.

Drawing from the nostalgic strictures and simplistic morality that were presented in the the Germanic filmic genre of Heimatfilme, and offloading them into the physical space of the gallery, the exhibition conflates themes of disembodiment, apathy and perpetual adolescence to construct immediate social relations as a byproduct of the screen.

Performance with Aaron Ratajcyzk and Lukas Amend
Documentation: Installation and performance views courtesy of Rowing, London