July 6th- August 7th 2017 - 'Viewing Copy', Eoghan Ryan, Vivienne Dick and The Radical Film Archive, Catalyst Arts. Belfast

August 17th 2017 - The Modern Dance (In the light of today's Questions)Performance, IMMA, Dublin,Ireland

13 April — 27 August 2017 As Above, So Below -Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics, IMMA. Dublin, Ireland

September 2017 - Solo Exhibition (TTBA) Rowing Projects, London



Feb 25th 2017 - 'As We May Think'. Organised by Alice Butler, IFI Cinema, Dublin, Ireland.

September 2016 -The Museum as Performance. Future Friendships II. Serralves Museum for Contemporary Art. Porto. In collaboration with Jassem Hindi

Aug 2016 – Knife Block. Performance event. Kem Project Space. Warsaw, Poland

July 2016- Website Commission. RGKSKSRG.

April/October 2016 - Outpost Open Film 2016, Selected by Ed Atkins.

April 2016 - Behind sedentary, Solo Exhibition. Rowing Projects, London.

March 2016 - And No Animal Is Without Enemy, Performance Event. Cubitt, London.

March 2016 - CITIZEN - Chisenhale Dance. Curated by Taylor La Melle

December 2015 - Exit, Stuttering and Nebula. Group Show curated by Kaspars Groshevs kim? Contemporary, Riga.

August 2015. SunScreen. Westminster Waste, London.

July 2015. Cookie Gate. Ellis King. Dublin, Irl.

July 2015 - FATM 2015. Co-curated by Tracy Hanna and Emer Lynch. Dublin, Irl.

April 2015- The Conch, South London Gallery with Linda Stupart, London

April 2015 - Wilderness, Group show. New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen

April 2015 - Production Residency. Statens Vaerksteder for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark

March 2015 - BCC:Curators Go to The Bar 90+, Rupert, Vilnuis

March 2015 - 'The Hyperlinks or it didn't happen' Screenings at CAC Cinema. Vilnius. Lithuania

February 12th to March 1st 2015 - Primal Architecture,Roadkill.Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Feb 2015 - PLASTIK Moving Image Festival 2015 in association with LUX, IFI AND TBG+Studios. IFI, Dublin. Ireland

October 2014 - Pole Pole, Mount Kilmanjaro. Facilitated by Laura Wilson

October 2014 - Project Visible. Poster works. Tate Modern, Schools and Learning. London

September 2014 - Long Weekends. Openspace Bae, Busan, South Korea

May 2014 - LOCOMOTION Artists Moving Image Festival. Store, London

March 2014 - Science Fiction : New Death. Group Show. Fact, Liverpool

March 2014 - Proxy Special. Group Show. Platform Arts, Belfast

September 2013 - ((0)) Facilitated by Lee Welsh and Teresa Gillespie. Dublin

July 2013 - Let Thoughts Wash Over Me (like a stream) - Publication launch, South London Gallery

April 2013 - Eoghan Ryan and Ian White live! and In Conversation. South London Gallery, London

March 2013 - Oh wicked flesh! Solo Exhibition. South London Gallery. London


Awards and Residencies

Visual Arts Bursary 2016/17. Arts Council Ireland

Inaugural Critical Forum Award 2015. PLASTIK Moving Image Festival in association with LUX, IFI AND TBG+Studios

Artists International Development Fund 2014 with the British Council and Arts Council England

Nina Steward Award and residency 2012 with South London Gallery and SPACE



Goldsmiths MFA 2010 -2012


plural melts is an intermittent programme of events currently taking place at Yvonne Lambert Berlin throughout 2016 Organised with Zuzanna Ratajczyk.

21 January – 26 February 2017 »Household Values« featuring works by Cindie Cheung, Beth Collar, Michael Fitzgerald, Sam Keogh, Alex Rathbone, Tai Shani and Rita Vitorell.

June 2016 - »Beatrice Loft Schulz and Joseph Noonan-Ganley«

Febuary 2016 - »Dunmore Caves« documentation

Dec 2016 - »Afternoon« documentation